2016 presidential election
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11 June 2016
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  Hakim Nassour (Enis Berberoğlu) Jason Gilchrist (Mike Baird)
Nominee Hakim Nassour Jason Gilchrist
Party Social Conservative
Home state Southeast Cape Province Central Province
Running mate TBD Bruce Dennington
Electoral vote 268 217
States carried 6 7 + CD

President before election

Jason Gilchrist


Hakim Nassour

The 2016 presidential election was the election for the Presidency of Nava in 2016. Hakim Nassour of the Social Party defeated incumbent President Jason Gilchrist of the Conservative Party to become the new President.

The Social Party ticket of Hakim Nassour and TBD won Bay West, Eastcentral Land, Northeast Cape Province, Northwest Cape Province, Southeast Cape Province and Southwest Cape Province for a total of 268 votes in the Electoral College.

The Conservative Party ticket of Jason Gilchrist and Bruce Dennington won Central North Province, Central Province, Midland of South West, Southcentral Cape Province, Southcentral Province, Southern Bayland, Upper Centralland and the Capital District for a total of 217 votes in the Electoral College.

The election took place at the same time as the 2016 Senate elections and the 2016 House of Representatives election.

The primary issues and debate centered on immigration policy from North and Sub Saharan Africa, social insurance programs, the Ohiutuinu-Morningsave-Nava City High Speed Rail. and the privatisation of state owned enterprises such as Telecorp and Navan Oil and Gas Company (NOGC).

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