Bay West is one of the provinces of Nava. It is the most populous of the thirteen provinces, with a population of 13'344'187 according to the 2012 census. Its capital and largest city is Ohiutuinu, which is also the largest city in the whole of Nava and forms part of the large Ohiutuinu Metropolitan Area, which contains the majority of Bay West's population.

Bay West is located on the central part of Nava's western shore, at the innermost part of the Great Western Bay. The Capital District is located on Bay West's southern border with Southern Bayland.

Politically, Bay West is one of the nation's most progressive-leaning provinces. Factors contributing to this include the province's high urbanisation and cosmopolitan culture, especially in the Ohiutuinu Metropolitan Area which houses many ethnic and cultural minorities.

Bay West is one of the original six provinces of Nava created upon its independence in 1827.

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