Eastcentral Land (sometimes written as East Central Land or East Centralland) is one of the provinces of Nava. Its capital (and largest city) is Norahebva. It has a population of 3,419,100.

Most of the population's interior is covered by the central third of the Great Eastern Desert, and is thus sparsely population. Because of the desert, there is little agriculture in the province except at its very western and eastern edges. Instead, technological, service and financial industries in Norahebva are the driving force of the province's economy, while the Horanas-Sacas Metropolitan Area is an industrial hub.

As with the other east coast provinces, a significant fraction of the province's population is of Arab descent, especially in Norahebva and on the eastern shore, and there is significant Islamic culture. However, Horanas and Sacas also have Nava's largest Hispanic populations as they were major centres of the Spanish colony in Nava.

Like the other east coast provinces, Eastcentral Land has three parties vying for dominance rather than the two of the rest of Nava due to the presence of the Muslim Party. Since the rise of this three-party split in the 1990s, the province swings but generally leans slightly towards the Social Party over the Conservative Party, while before that the opposite was true.

Eastcentral Land has existed since 1958; before that, the region was governed as a territory of Nava from 1845 to 1930 and was then the central third of the Eastern Province until its split in 1958.

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