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Gouassem ben Eli
Qasim bin Ali

Vital statistics
Name Gouassem ben Eli
Birth 1978
Ethnic Background
Parents an Arab Father

a Navani Mother

Residence Nava City
Political Affiliations Social Party

Gouassem ben Eli (Qasim bin Ali) is a biracial politician based in Nava City born to an Arab father and a Navani mother. 

Political StanceEdit

On Women RightsEdit

« Those who object to female rights. I am sorry to say, Speaker. I fail to see them as humans.  »

On Racism Edit

« Beyond this thin layer (skin), all of us have the same blood, the same heart and the same base of existence, the Soul.  »

On ImmigrationEdit

« God has granted this land to us. All is from Him. Let every creation reside here.  »

On EconomicsEdit

« I am afraid, that the way capitalism is spreading. A day shall come wherein, a Brothers eats his brother.  »
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