This is a list of universities in Nava. There are ~70 universities in Nava, with the oldest being the University of Nava City and the largest by enrolment being the University of Ohiutuinu; these two universities are also generally the main competitors to be the top-ranked university in the nation. The universities are part of the broader system of tertiary education in Nava.

A significant minority of the student population are Ostrobians as the country has 15 universities and the greater emphasis of vocational education in the country (around 68% of the student population are enrolled in vocational education).

Universities by QS RankingEdit

This is a list of universities sorted by their ranking in the QS World University Rankings.

This list is incomplete.

Rank University City Province World rank
1 University of Ohiutuinu Ohiutuinu Bay West 37
2 University of Nava City Nava City Capital District 41
3 University of Vuturu Vuturu Southcentral Province
4 University of Norahebva Norahebva Eastcentral Land
5 University of Uilavan Uilavan Bay West
6 University of Hebbington Hebbington Central Province
7 University of Novatura Novatura Southeast Cape Province
8 Launceston University Ohiutuinu Bay West
9 University of Hokonotia Hokonotia Upper Centralland
10 Bay West University of Technology Morningsave Bay West
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