Midland of South West is one of the provinces of Nava. Its capital (and largest city) is Weinerea. It has a population of 3'711'669. As its name suggests, the province lies in the southwest of the nation (mainland). It is largely, but not completely landlocked, with the city Hornsteye being located at the small section of shoreline (which is located at the province's south end).

The Southern Mountains run through the centre of the province and are a dominating feature, though the highest peaks are in the Southwest Cape Province, to the west of the province. There is agriculture in the far north and far south of the province, while on the fringes of the Southern Mountains forestry is more prevalent. Within the mountain range itself there are several national parks and other protected areas.

It has some German and Scandinavian culture, particularly in the central west; Midland of South West has the highest proportion of inhabitants of German descent of any province.

Midland of South West has existed since 1898; before that, its territory formed the central third of the no longer extant Far South Province.

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