Nava City is the capital of Nava, located in the Capital District special region in between Bay West and Southern Bayland. With a population of 1'404'683, it is the eighth most populous city in the nation. It is part of the Morningsave-Veinorton-Capital Metropolitan Area.

Most functions of the government of Nava are located in Nava City, including the Presidential Palace, both chambers of the Congress, the Supreme Court and the ministries.

Nava City was a planned city, designed specifically to be the nation's capital as a compromise between other cities which vied to be the capital at the time of the nation's independence in 1827, including Ohiutuinu, Morningsave and Hebbington.

Two national motorways cross through the city, including N4 on the eastern side and N14 on the western side; they do not have a direct interchange, but are connected by local highways within the city. Additionally, the regional motorway R1 connects Nava City with Ohiutuinu in Bay West, Nava's largest city.

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