The Navan haruthi is the offical currency of Nava since 1880 when it replaced the US dollar. It is subdivided into cents. The symbol used to represent the currency is NVH or N.

Exchange RateEdit

1 unit NVH
US dollar 32 NVH
Euro 35.52 NVH
Pound sterling 41.60 NVH
Japanese yen 0.2912 NVH
Chinese renminbi 4.80 NVH
Ostrobian dollar 40 NVH


The Haruthi coins are subdivided to 1 NVH, 5NVH, 10 NVH, 20 NVH, 50 NVH, 100 NVH coins


The Haruthi banknotes consists of 100 NVH, 200 NVH, 400 NVH, 600 NVH, 800 NVH and 1000 NVH. The latest banknotes are from the 2016 series. The 2016 bank notes are CWCR standard, meaning that they are on par with the Ostrobian dollar in terms of security features.

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