Northwest Cape Province is one of the provinces of Nava. Its capital (and largest city) is Howraka. It has a population of 2,682,936. As its name suggests, it lies at the northwest cape of mainland Nava.

In the centre of the provinces are several volcanoes, forming Nava's most active geothermal region. Surrounding these is the Sothalo Desert which, unlike the larger Great Eastern Desert in the east of the nation, is not a desert because of lack of precipitation but rather a volcanic desert, with soil too acidic to be fertile. The rest of the province has more fertile terrain, with fruit growing being a major industry particularly in the southern third of the province. On the eastern border of the province are the Eskian Mountains.

Northwest Cape Province has the largest proportion of Navani inhabitants of any of the provinces (though the Bay Islands territories/special regions have higher proportions), particularly in the capital Howraka and rural areas.

Politically, Northwest Cape Province is one of the provinces which most safely supports the Social Party over the Conservative Party, partially due to the large Navani population in the province who mainly support the Social Party.

Northwest Cape Province is one of the nation's younger provinces, having existed since 1947; though the region was part of Nava since its independence in 1827, it was governed as a territory for over a century before being elevated to a province.

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