Ohiutuinu (/oˈhiytyˈiny/) is a city in Nava, the capital of Bay West. It has a population of 5'230'689, making it the largest city of both Bay West and Nava. It forms part of the Ohiutuinu Metropolitan Area, which also includes Hebkins to the north of Ohiutuinu, Uilavan and Morningsave to its south, and some smaller settlements to its east.

As the nation's largest city, Ohiutuinu is a transportation hub, with numerous national motorways beginning in the city, including N1, N2, N8, N9, N11 and N20, as well as the regional motorway R1 which connects Ohiutuinu to the nation's capital, Nava City. Ohiutuinu's main airport is the Ohiutuinu International Airport, the busiest airport in Nava; the city is also serviced by the Morningsave-Ohiutuinu Airport in Morningsave.

The Ohiutuinu Treaty establishing the CWCR was signed here on January 1974.


Administrative DivisionsEdit

Ohiutuinu has a number of neighbourhoods. The CBD of Ohiutuinu is Pearl Bay which is at the central west coast. Surrounding it are a number of neighbourhoods that make the city.

  • Goias
  • Antique
  • Atlantic Bay
  • Westbeach
  • Carmel
  • Epping
  • Lauceston
  • Orlis
  • Three Rivers
  • Greenwoods

Metropolitan AreaEdit

The city forms part of the Greater Bay West Area, commonly known as the Ohiutuinu-Uilavan-Morningsave Metropolitan Area.



  • African: 469'638 (9.0%)
  • Arab: 200'766 (3.8%)
  • Asian: 220'259 (4.2%)
  • Caucasian: 4'136'419 (79.1%)
  • Native: 121'028 (2.3%)
  • Other: 82'579 (1.6%)
  • Total: 5'230'689

Sister CitiesEdit

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