The Ohiutuinu-Morningsave-Nava City highspeed rail line is a rail line under construction since 2017 which links Ohiutuinu General Station with Nava City station via Uilavan station and Morningsave City station. The line is designed for a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour (155 mph). It will be electrified using 25kv AC overhead wires, its signalling system using ETCS and will use OTEC rolling stock, specifically the Taligent 3 which is currently being used in the South Eastern Direct Rail Link.

It is being constructed by OBR Engineering (the state owned railway engineering and maintance arm of Ostrobia) and financed by the CWCR Investment Bank and tInvest. It has been criticised because of its high cost and the usage of foreign built technology (in this case Ostrobian).


The OMNC High Speed Line has been first proposed by the Ostrobian government after building its first high speed rail line back in 1998. However the Navan government rejected the proposal due to cost. The idea was then revived during Nassour's campaign of more infrastructure investment. After his election, he then signed an agreement with then Ostrobian prime minster, Jo Lutz on a OSD $7.2 billion (280NVH billion) deal to construct the OMNC High Speed Line.

Groundbreaking started on January 3, 2017. By October 2, 2019 the line had reached Morningsave, whilst on January 2020, the revamped Ohiutuinu General station finished construction. It is expected that the construction will finish in early 2022.


The 280 NVH billion was heavily criticised by the Conservative, stating that it is a "waste of public money on a vanity project". Concerns were also raised on the high level of foreign technology being intergrated to the system instead of homegrown technology.

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