The President is the executive head of state of the Republic of Nava. The current officeholder is Hakim Nassour since 2016.

In a system originally based on that of the United States at the time of Nava's independence in 1827, the President is indirectly elected: the citizens vote for electors pledged to a certain candidate to represent their province in the Electoral College, and these electors then vote to elect the President, with a simple majority of Electoral College votes (not public votes) required for a candidate to become President. If no candidate has a majority of Electoral College votes the election moves to Congress: first the House of Representatives and then if needed the Senate vote to elect a candidate, with again a simple majority of votes being required.

The President's deputy is the Vice President, who takes over the office if the President is incapacitated or removed from office. Unlike ministers and underministers, the President and Vice President are not allowed to hold legislative positions at the same time as their executive offices.

List of PresidentsEdit

Note: this list is incomplete.

Portrait Name (Birth–Death) Term in Office Political Party Province Elections Cabinet
Adam Mortensen 1972–1976 Liberal Bay West 1972 Link
1976–1984 Social 1976
1984–1992 Conservative 1984
Pamela Ross (Kay A. Orr) Pamela Ross
1992–1996 Conservative Bay West 1992 Link
Alison Schneider (Catherine Callbeck) Alison Schneider
1996–2000 Social Midland of South West 1996 Link
Joseph Harrick (Joe Wilson) Joseph Harrick
2000–2004 Conservative Southern Bayland 2000 Link
James Chandler (David Parker) James Chandler
2004–2012 Social Southwest Cape Province 2004
Jason Gilchrist (Mike Baird) Jason Gilchrist
2012–2016 Conservative Central Province 2012 Link
Hakim Nassour (Enis Berberoğlu) Hakim Nassour
2016–present Social Southeast Cape Province 2016 Link
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