Uilavan (/yilaˈvän/) is a city in the province Bay West in Nava. With a population of 2'035'417, it is the second most populous city in Nava, although it forms part of the Ohiutuinu Metropolitan Area, which also includes the nation's most populous city, Ohiutuinu. Uilavan is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to its west, Ohiutuinu to its north, Morningsave to its south and some smaller settlements to its east.

With the neighbouring Ohiutuinu functioning as a transportation hub, Uilavan has relatively few independent transportation facilities for its size. For example, only one national motorway passes through Uilavan proper, the N1 between Ohiutuinu and Morningsave. Uilavan also has no airport of its own, being serviced by the Ohiutuinu International Airport to its north and the Morningsave-Ohiutuinu Airport to its south. However, Uilavan does have the main industrial port of the Ohiutuinu Metropolitan Area, which is located in the north of the city, close to Ohiutuinu.

Uilavan is separated from Ohiutuinu by various industrial areas and park belts, including the Thola Hills natural area. It is separated from Morningsave by the Morningsave River.



  • African: 83'105 (4.1%)
  • Arab: 88'337 (4.3%)
  • Asian: 113'740 (5.6%)
  • Caucasian: 1'654'531 (81.3%)
  • Native: 57'592 (2.8%)
  • Other: 38'112 (1.9%)
  • Total: 2'035'417
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