Upper Centralland (sometimes written as Upper Central Land or Uppercentral Land) is one of the provinces of Nava. It has a population of 1'945'332. Its capital is Hokonotia. As its name suggests, the province lies in the (north)central part of the country (and is also reasonably elevated in terms of altitude).

The province is landlocked. It is the smallest of the nation's provinces in terms of land area, and it is the second least-populated province, after the Southcentral Cape Province. The north edge of the province is close to the Eskian Mountains in the Central North Province, and in the central west of Upper Centralland are Hokonotia and Vatara, sometimes grouped together as the Hokonotia-Vatara Metropolitan Area, which hold the majority of the province's population.

Geographically, most of the province's terrain consists of hills linked to the Eskian Mountains and high plains; the Hokonotia-Vatara Metropolitan Area largely lies on a plateau at around 800 metres altitude.

Animal agriculture and forestry are major industries in Upper Centralland, although the Hokonotia-Vatara area has more diverse industries and is relatively well-educated. Politically, the province is conservative-leaning, though historically it has also been a stronghold for libertarian politics whereas populist candidates have performed relatively weakly.

Upper Centralland has existed since 1904; before that, its territory was part of the Central Province now to its southeast.

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